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03 Jun

Brooklyn to Bywater: Vision Festival, Hurricane Maria

Vision Festival links past to future   The Vision Festival started 23 years ago as a downtown Manhattan alternative to the George Wein-produced JVC Jazz Festival, the nation's flagship celebration of mainstream jazz. Over the years Wein's fe....

16 May

Grace Jones and M.I.A.: Two new films on the artistry of two who’ve taken plenty of heat to make their mark

Grace Jones and M.I.A. are visually arresting and sonically innovative artists whose fan bases tend toward the ecstatic. Of course their confrontational styles find others mystified by the appeal of their respective, extreme takes on the art of music....

24 Apr

Brooklyn To Bywater: 2018 Jazz Fest Guide

 The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival begins its 10-day run April 27. It's an amazing chance to hear the music of Louisiana in all its various facets in one fell swoop, from the official daytime activities at the New Orleans Fair Grounds to t....

17 Apr

The Revolution May Not Be Televised, But The Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron Is Alive And Well

 What’s that song? was the question on viewers lips when the trailer for the film Black Panther was making the rounds earlier this year. That distinct b....

03 Apr

Brooklyn to Bywater: High School Activism

 Young people speaking their minds meeting so much resistance from behind... "For What It's Worth....

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