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All Tomorrow's Parties: The Most Important Shows Around The Bay April 12 - 18 2016

by Rachel Milani

Reisender, The Y Axes, Passive Frames

bottom of the hill sfoBottom of the Hill
Tuesday, April 12, 9 p.m.
$8, tickets available here

Reisenders’s Paul Conroy got his start in music while traveling around Europe and has since honed his skills at sounding like an indie pop dream. Arguably his most popular track, “Body” demonstrates an ability to bring together various life and musical influences to create a simple yet relatable landscape of sound.  The Y Axes have been hustling hard over the past year and just released the new record Hold Dawn to prove it. If they are the future of pop then the future is bright. Hopeful sounding synths, solid guitar, and a dose of spacey weirdness are at the heart of their music. Openers Passive Frames is an up and coming San Francisco band with a jangly garage rock meets jam band style.


Pastel, OCD, Trust Club

hemlock sfoHemlock Tavern
Thursday, April 14, 8:30 p.m.

Gearing up to release some music from their first professionally recorded EP, Pastel has been teasing local music fans with just some demos. Thus far, they’ve proven to be a lush, dreamy band with clear ambitions of catching up with the resurgence in popularity of shoegaze. Come out to see them work the pedals and put it all together in a live show at Hemlock Tavern this Thursday evening. They will be joined by Oakland’s OCD who have been busy recording plenty of their own stuff lately, too, and are known for putting on a great live show. They’re also plenty noisey with a dose of that drone sound we’ve been hearing plenty of in Oakland lately. Post-hardcore band Trust Club will be warming up the stage for the night.


The Other Band On Earth, Jerkagram, Love Moon

golden bull sfoGolden Bull
Friday, April 15, 9 p.m.

One year out from the release of their self-titled album, The Other Band On Earth is sure to be the portrait of newfound maturity plus maybe even some new songs when they headline at Oakland’s bar venue Golden Bull of Friday night. Experimental, proggy guitars dominate their tracks as exemplified by “Natural Lobotomy”, off their album from last year. They will be joined by New York’s Jerkagram who is filling in the supporting slot for the night. Their post-rock sound is filled with spacious percussion and looping guitars. Meanwhile, when Love Moon takes the stage first in the evening, the crowd will be getting a heftier dose of heaviness in their psych-sludge style.


Supervague, Pieces, Bonesyard

starry ploughStarry Plough
Saturday, April 16, 9 p.m.

Supervague is a Bay Area band known more for their live shows than recordings so catching them at the Starry Plough in Berkeley is the perfect place to start to get to know them. Past performances have proven them to be a jangly, explorative rock n roll treat. The other act, Pieces, will be playing their set as an unofficial celebration of their new album which was just released. Indie folk rock that is definitely not unplugged is just one way to describe this dynamic group while tracks like “Girls of Barcelona” show hints of a more sultry side. Openers Bonesyard have a more decidedly Americana sound that complements the strengths of the other bands on the lineup for this Saturday night show.

Rachel MilaniRachel Milani is an all-around music enthusiast, spending her time at all kinds of shows when she isn’t writing about the best local bands on the scene. After traveling abroad, she has found a home in the Bay Area and spends her time between San Francisco and Oakland soaking in all the fun and funky culture those places have to offer. She’s passionate about poetry, lyrics, sounds, and art, and shares that passion with the world through her writing.

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