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Weep Wave Rolls Down The West Coast

by Jen Lothspeich

Photo by Eric Luck

Photo by Eric Luck


Seattle-based garage rockers Weep Wave are getting ready to take their gritty, frenetic sound on the road and it’s time to get your mosh pit moves ready. The foursome will be promoting the tape and digital release of their new album Amassing a Mess as they make their way out of the Pacific Northwest and back.

While many bands wait several releases into their careers to venture on tour, it’s refreshing to see a younger band opening themselves up to whatever awaits outside their comfort zone. The group – comprised of singer/guitarist Dylan Fuentes, also known as Fuentes, Dylan Trujillo on bass, Colton Harold on keys and new addition Cameron Smith on drums – will make more than a dozen stops along the west coast along with a couple more inland shows.

“This will be our first big tour together,” said Fuentes. “We have all wanted to go on tour since we were kids. It’s going to be amazing to finally live that dream.”

What awaits the group  is yet to be seen, but audiences can expect to be treated to the two-year-old band’s fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll laced with psychedelic and punk influences. On “Perfect Piece of Pretty Trash” from the band’s EP Entropy, the latter shows itself in break-neck quick drumming and shouted lyrics that still allow you to catch a word here and there.

Also from the Entropy EP, “Worm Eats Brain” has a darker edge with distorted vocals and eerie keyboard elements perfect for a Halloween party playlist. The lyrics include strong imagery of – what else – worms crawling around inside a skull devouring thoughts. A guitar breakdown towards the end of the song takes things down a fun and funky rabbit hole.

When I asked Fuentes what excited him about the prospect of taking these and the new tunes on the road he answered earnestly:

“I moved up to Seattle from Orange County, CA two years ago, I’m really excited for my friends and family to finally get to see what I’ve been working my ass off for over the last two years.”

The fruits of those labors include a handful of songs on the new record. One of the most intriguring of which is “Heir of the Dog.” Also a bit on the spooky side, the psychedelic elements of this one make it feel like party song with a morbid slant. Halfway through, the song takes a down turn with plodding drums and a somber guitar solo that matches the vocals. But don’t leave the pit just yet, things ramp up again with a raucous finish.

Weep Wave
"Heir Of The Dog"
Amassing a Mess
(No label)

For those of us in San Diego, we’ll be treated to the sounds of Weep Wave on October 17 at The Merrow where they’ll be joined by local psych-rockers AJ Froman and retro rock outfit Kimmi Bitter and The Night Howls.

All of Weep Wave’s tour dates can be found below. Find more details on


Oct 11 – Seattle, WA  Victory Lounge  Tickets

Oct 12 – Spokane, WA  Baby Bar  Free

Oct 13 – Pullman, WA  WSU Campus  RSVP

Oct 14 – Boise, ID  The Olympic  RSVP

Oct 15 – Salt Lake City, UT  The Loading Dock RSVP

Oct 17 – San Diego, CA The Merrow  Tickets

Oct 18 – Fullerton, CA Programme HQ  RSVP

Oct 19 – Los Angeles, CA  Silverlake Lounge  Tickets

Oct 20 – Long Beach, CA  4th Street Vine  RSVP

Oct 21 – San Pedro, CA  Recess Ops

Oct 22 – San Luis Obispo  SloDoCo  RSVP

Oct 24 – Santa Cruz, CA  The Blue Lagoon  RSVP

Oct 25 – San Francisco, CA  Milk Bar  RSVP

Oct 26 – Chico, CA  Secret Show  RSVP

Oct 27 – Eugene, OR  Lorax Manor  RSVP

Oct 28 – Portland, OR  The Grave  RSVP

Jen Van TieghemJen Lothspeich is a San Diego native with a healthy obsession for all things local music. She has been covering indie-alternative, folk-rock, and more — sometimes all within one night — around town for years. Her bucket list includes playing tambourine on stage with any band that would have her, creating a local music festival called Jenerated Sound, and finding the perfect moscow mule. Email her at

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